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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Why are you overweight?

Let’s go a little deeper today...

There are a couple of reasons why we are overweight. It might be because of a medical problem – which is in the lesser. It might be purely because we over indulge and really just make pigs of ourselves...

But, MOST of the time, from my experience in dealing with women, it is because we have an issue or problem or a hurt that we have not dealt with, or do not know how to deal with. This might be an unsolved issue that occurred in your past , and/or you are currently in a situation where something is uncomfortable or hurtful.

In order for you to lose weight, and just be free from unhappiness or from carrying that heavy burden, you need to identify what it is that ‘triggers’ you to eat - (I am not talking about those who needs to lose 2 or 3kg). I am also not at all saying that those who are overweight HAVE an unsolved issue or hurt. But I know for a fact, that food is rarely the problem.

I am suggesting that you take a close look into your heart, into your life, there where it hurts & try to identify what it is that makes you eat. For some people it is not food. It maybe alcohol or other substances. I know women who do not eat, drink or use any other substances but they have turned to prostitution or escape into pornography. Other women that I know of, turned into themselves and do not have contact with other people, they do not have any friends. Some hide in friendships. They surround themselves with friends because they don't want to be alone with themselves, their thoughts, their problems. People uses different kinds of methods to deal or cope with their situations.

Is it maybe loneliness, an abusive husband, molestation as a child, an abortion, rejection or uncertainty about the future?

Where are you in this......?

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