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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I hear You say

I know I need You
I need to love You Lord
I'd love to see You
but it's been so long
I long to feel you
I feel this need for You
and I need to hear You, is that so wrong?

Now You pull me near You
when we're close I fear You
still I'm afraid to tell You all that I've done
Are You done forgiving?
or can You look past my pretending?
I'm so tired defending what I've become..
what have I become?

I hear You say:
"My love is over, it's underneath
it's inside, it's in-between
In times that you doubted Me, when you can't feel
In times that you question, is this for real?
In times that you are broken, in times that you are mend
the times that you hate Me, in times that you bend
My love is over, it's underneath
it's inside, it's in-between
In times you are healing and when your heart breaks
the times that you feel like you have fallen from grace
the tines that you are hurting, the times that you heal
the times you go hungry and are tempted to steal
in times of confusion, chaos and pain
I am there in your sorrows under the weight of your shame
I am there through your heartache
I am there in your storms
My love I will keep you by My power alone
I don't care where you have fallen of where you have been
I will never forsake you, My love never ends,
it never ends!"

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This winter is really stretching me... in more than one way.  I feel... almost... 'post-mortem-ish'. It feels as if I just cannot get past this roller-coaster-emotional-ride I am on!

I know that emotion and faith has nothing do with one another. It's a faith thing and that I should keep my focus on that.

But I am really struggling through all of this. The mountain is just toooo high this time; maybe my aging hormones plays a role, or another exam on its way, or my all-time-weight-battle, my summer clothes that doesn't fit anymore and the mere thought of going on another diet.... agh,!  I just feel sick to my stomach.

So between all of my emotions I thought exercise would do me good; so I went surfing ..  off course I took the easy route = Internet Surfing and that really did me gooooood.

The [ever loyal and my best Friend] Holy Spirit led me to a fabulous website on 'Wilderness' and thought I should copy this to the world!

That some of the people in the Bible's elite list; Jesus, Moses, David, Abraham, Elijah and Paul (etc.) experienced the same.

[some] Reasons for Wilderness Experiences:
So that you would decide in your deepest being to place God in exclusive control of your life.
So that you would decide on the deepest level of your life to trust God, no matter what you are facing.
So that you would understand the reason for your life.
So that God could equip you for greater service and usefulness.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What is Repentance?

Repentance means a sincere turning away from sin and turn to God. A person must repent to receive eternal life in heaven, but this act does not earn salvation.

 Ezekiel 18:30:
"Therefore,O house of Israel, I will judge you, each one according to his ways, declares the Sovereign LORD. Repent! Turn away from all your offenses; then sin will not be your downfall." (NIV)

Jesus also calls for repentance:
"The time has come," Jesus said. "The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!" (Mark 1:15, NIV)
Repentance is an essential part of salvation, requiring a turning away from the sin-ruled life to a life characterized by obedience to God. The Holy Spirit leads a person to repent, but repentance itself cannot be seen as a "good work" that adds to our salvation.

The Bible states that people are saved by faith alone (Ephesians 2:8-9). However, there can be no faith in Christ without repentance and no repentance without faith. The two are inseparable.

Rahab: Prostitute turned spy for God

By her Profession, Rahab was known as a scandalous woman in the Old Testament, yet this prostitute turned spy was honored by God twice in the New Testament. Like Rahab, you may not have a spotless history, but that won't stop God from choosing to use you, and perhaps even recognizing the noble accomplishments He wants to perform through your life.  If you feel unworthy or marked by the embarrassing mistakes of your past, let Rahab's example encourage you.  Rahab turned from her pas to follow God, and her life was forever changed.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

a Prophetic word

Isn't it amazing that a prophetic word from God can make you feel airborne?

God must have known in His infinite wisdom, what His words, spoken in season will do to His children.  Man oh Man oh Man.... how I love this Man!

But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.
1 Corinthians 14:3

Thank You Heavenly Father for the profound prophetic word
Thank You for trusting me
Thank You for expanding my territory
Thank You for Restoration ministries
Thank You for my new 'boots'
and Thank You for all the blessings You have promised to send to me and those who stood by me and supported me all these years
I receive it in Jesus Name

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