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The testimony of the CROSS for you, me and Barabbas

This is your testimony and it sure is mine. And those of Barabbas.

The people chose Barabbas. They voted for him. He was one of theirs. He was nothing but a thug, a crook, a murderer. He was a bad man. And yet he was set free. By Jesus. Nothing has really changed. Nothing.
Barabbas really is me… and you. He is us.

For while we were still sinners Christ died for us. God sent His Son for Barabbas even the one He knew would walk away from Jesus and His free gift and never come back.
God loves us the same way He loves him --- and then we, believers still thinks ‘I got saved by grace but now that I am in this deep dark place of bondage, I better work hard to get myself out’
Why?? That is the opposite of the Gospel. Are you bound?
Are you held under the power of this temptation and this sin?
Do you feel like it’s controlling you?
What are you going to do? Shake yourself free?

You can’t, you’re no match for the powers of hell and the urges of sin, you will never overcome it you’ll just be another sta…