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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde

Very interesting lyrics of a song that caught my attention in the early hours of the morning, performed by a well known gospel artist; Jimmy Needham. Meditate on the lyrics for a while , maybe it will hit home.

"Jekyll & Hyde"
There is a lunatic in everyone I know
Some live it out,
Some just refuse to drink the potion, baby
But we're all monsters inside
Cause we act like Dr. Jekyll
But there ain't no hiding Mr. Hyde

We point the finger
At the fella down the road
"What kind of devil does a thing like that?" we joke
Oh baby, just give it time
Cause we act like Dr. Jekyll
But there ain't no hiding Mr. Hyde

Every last one of us
Are pretty much the same
We got ol' Adam's blood
Running through our veins
Oh baby, I ain't telling no lies

It's just some are caught red-handed
And some work up an alibi

Some will probably kill ya
And some just kill ya in their mind

Cause some live in a prison
And some live in a suit and a tie

We act like Dr. Jekyll
but there ain't no hiding Mr. Hyde

Friday, 19 June 2015

My sweet Hallelujah

This is just a prayer for those who need one
There's a little church I know in the valley
Where they sing a song so sweet to the Savior calling us to deeper

I'll meet you before the dew has left the fern leaves
We'll listen together as the bell rings from the church
As it summons us with a sound so sweet of our Savior calling us
Sweet, I just have to sing Hallelujah, sweet Hallelujah

There is none so fine a place to greet Him
To dance before the morning sun is to please Him
To dance a dance so gracefully, to praise The Man so dearly
Sweet, sweet I just have to dance Hallelujah, sweet Hallelujah
Hallelujah, sweet Hallelujah

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