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Monday, 13 December 2010

Can u feel it?

Can u sense the excitement in the air about the coming holidays and all the festivities that surrounds Christmas?

Are you just like me, anxiously awaiting the expression on your loved ones faces when they are about to open their present?

I often wonder if God feels the same way … whether we are just as excited about the ‘Christmas Gift’ He gave us…

I am sure He yearns for us to tell Him that we marvel about the Gift He so graciously gave us…

Thank you Abba Father, for my gift, Your Son Jesus.

Monday, 6 December 2010

The Birth of Jesus Christ

For me, December is the best month of the whole year ... and this has little to do with the fact that we normally set time aside to go on holiday. Yes that too, but for us; we celebrate the birth of our King, Jesus Christ. 

We do not complicate the joyous celebrations in our hearts by pondering on the fact that Jesus was not born in December. Our family CELEBRATE the fact that Jesus Christ was BORN.  So that you and I may spend an eternity with HIM.

My God, My God ... it must have been a marvel to see the birth of Your very Own.

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