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Monday, 15 September 2014

The cult of the next thing

Ons leef in ’n advertensie-aangedrewe wêreld wat ons leer dat ons nuwe dinge moet hê om gelukkig te wees.
Mark Buchanan beskryf hierdie siekte waaraan baie mense ly as: “The cult of the next thing!” Dit maak dat ons nooit tevrede is met wat ons tans het nie; dit gaan oor daardie volgende nuwe ding wat ons moet hê. Nimmereindigende behoeftes dryf ons dan om nog en nog te wil inpalm.
Wat is die genesing vir hierdie selfsugtige behoefte-aangedrewe lewenswyse? Psalm 23! Ja, jy het reg gelees! Ons moet weer Psalm 23:1 van harte glo: “Die Here is my herder.” Ons beaam dit graag.
Hoor egter wat skryf Dawid direk hierna: “Ek kom niks kort nie.” Saam met Dawid moet ons ophou om gedurige tekort-kommers te wees. Dit vernietig ons lewens. Ons moet leer ons het genoeg as die Here ons herder is.
Hy is meer as genoeg!
~ ekerk

Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 5 - 14 Day prayer devotion for my husband

Day 5:
Father I lift my husband up to You today and pray that You will undo all the wrong, hurt and rejection he had to experience ever since he was a little boy.

Father I ask you to cancel the effect of all the negative things he was exposed during his childhood and those in his adult life.

I pray against any form of aggression, impatience, bad temper, yelling and ask that all the fruits of Your Spirit become part of him.

Father I pray against husbands that uses aggression and manipulation to rule or to get their way in their homes and ask You to intervene with all Your Might in the Name of Jesus. 

Show them how to be kind and patient and to impart hope and love into his family’s heart instead of fear.  Show them the importance of spending good quality time with his family, to take care of the children, tuck them in at night, and sometimes, Lord even if it is just once a week, and read a bedtime story.  Lord let him see a glimpse of his wife’s heart, all the good she is doing to make life warm and comfortable for him and their children. Let him see, if only for one day, her efforts, her strength and the things she so often sacrifice to let them rather have her share.

Holy Father I pray this in the Name of Jesus.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 2 - 14 Day prayer devotions for my husband

Dear Lord, thank You so much for helping me to stay on this payer journey. You are a good good God and I am very thankful that I can trust and rely on You.
Lord my prayer for my husband today, is that he will give himself to You, totally, with his whole heart, body and soul. Make him to want to be devoted to You. Show him what love is and what it means to be loved. Show him how to love himself in a healthy and Godly way. Teach him to love others the same way You love us and to be good and kind and mercyful towards every one. Even those that don't deserve it. 
Let he honor You with his daily choices, the way that he sees himself; the way he treats people, those who are poor and needy and especially those who have no influence and who is in no position to grant him special favour. I pray that he will show the same kindness to everyone, irrespective of their social standing in life.

Please teach him how to love and treat his bride....the way You love Your bride.

Give him a brand new love for her. Dear God please restore the flame of love between us that once burnt so high and so strong ... a love that could withstand any kind of heat. Make that bond between us unbreakable. Protect our love and marriage with a shield that nothing - no weapon of the enemy, can penetrate or even shatter.
Teach him the importance to capture his thoughts and not to entertain thoughts and desires that would defile his marriage and what would damage the love and respect between us.

Because You are Holy, show him how to be holy in every aspect of his life.
~ 1 Peter 15

In Jesus Name I pray

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