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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Lord, I pray for my husband ...

Lord or the Armies, Father of the nations, Warrior King, Creator of all, Omnipotent God… You are also a kind and generous God and I am ever so thankful that You are a God of Love. What would have happened to us if You were not the kind of God that You are?  You are my best Friend
Lord I want to ask You to send Your angels to guide and protect my husband from the evil one. Protect him from wicked people who want to harm him, from slanderers, gossipers and malicious people. Guard his heart and let him always choose to walk in Light and in victory.
I declare that no weapons formed against him shall prosper In the Name of Jesus.  
I take authority over this day that You have set aside for him to prosper. I confess that he is healed and whole, that he will flourish as long as he live, that he will be stable, steadfast, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love. That whatsoever he set his hands to do shall prosper in Jesus Name. I proclaim that God supplies all his (and our) needs and that he will have no lack!
I bind and break all curses that have been spoken against him and also those that will affect me as his wife, our children, our land and pets. I bind the power of negative words from others and those spoken by him, me and our children. 
We are God’s property and pronounce satan to be bound from my husband, our families, our minds, home and our finances. I cancel and bind the spirit of addiction and declare him free from lust, pornography and all other sexual sin in the Name of Jesus. I take authority over satan and all his demons and those people who are influenced by him and that no one, no thing, no power, no principality will have the power or tools to lure my husband into this addiction!  I ask that You will break off any friendship that has the power or ability to pull him down, away from you or that can lead him into temptation.
Father I pray that You will anoint my husband, for all that You have called him to do. I call forth divine appointments, for open doors and opportunities!
Father please dispatch angels to surround us, to guide and protect us; our family, friends and homes.

In Jesus Name.

Temptation came my way

I’ve been tempted.  And I have failed.

Many times.

I have beaten myself up for giving into temptation more than I can count. I have been so ashamed of myself that I have even tried to hide it from God.  Pretended it didn’t happen.  I have made pacts with God and have sworn on my life…. All in the name of Jesus. Yeah, I’ve been bad.

And even made myself believe God shook my hand on all the deals I have made….. Am I the only one? Silly me.  I have even asked God why He has allowed me to stumble and fall, why He has allowed for it to knock on my door.
Until I discovered that I can only be dragged away, give into it, if the desire has been in my heart all along.  No wonder the bible says ‘of all things guard your heart the most…’

 ...but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. 15 Then, after the desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.— James 1:14

But I have learned that God is full of mercy and rich in love. You can start from scratch every single day [Lamentations 3:23][this ain’t a free ticket to live a sinful life!]. I have came to realize that I don’t need to make pacts with God, He has already made a way to forgive me… even if I have disappointed Him more than once.
Do you realize that? Know that we have a friend in Jesus, a Man who not only knows what it feels like to be tempted but who sympathizes with you and me… Even though Jesus was Jesus, He was at the time of His stay on earth, of flesh and blood—and He knows the feeling of being tempted, the struggle, the need, the rush, pumping adrenaline … that comes with the thoughts.—the tempting thoughts of giving into ‘whatever your battles are’.

Adultery, Over-eating, lies, greed, fornication, pornography, boasting, self-love, gossip, slander ~ don’t give in give it UP

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I am a sinner reaching 4 the light

Lord You know what I have done
And u know what I’m yet to do
Still you do, You love me like You do
as if there is no one else to love
Lord u know just who I am
and u know exactly where I am from
Still you do, You love me like You do
So I close my eyes and pray
coz’ You hear the words that I say
and I want to thank You Jesus
4 not letting go
I am a sinner reaching for the light
Lord You know how proud I have been
and You know how I’ve tried to earn this thing
and still You do, You love me like You do
as if there is no one else to love
So I close my eyes and pray
coz’ You hear the words that I say
I’ve been bend down low by the weight of the law
I’ve been crippled by a man’s demand Lord
But now I am liberated
I am set free by Your grace
finally I can breathe again
by the freedom You’ve given me
So I close my eyes and pray
coz’ You hear the words that I say
And I want to thank You Jesus
4 not letting go
I am a sinner reaching for the light

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