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A wife's prayer


a Wife's prayer

A wife’s prayers for her husband have a far greater effect on him than anyone else’s, even his mother’s. (Sorry, Mom.) A mother’s prayers for her child are certainly fervent. But when a man marries, he leaves his father and mother and becomes one with his wife (Matthew 19:5). They are a team, one unit, unified in spirit. The strength of a man and wife joined together in God’s sight is far greater than the sum of the strengths of each of the two individuals. That’s because the Holy Spirit unites them and gives added power to their prayers.
That’s also why there is so much at stake if we don’t pray. Can you imagine praying for the right side of your body and not the left? If the right side is not sustained and protected and it falls, it’s going to bring down the left side with it. The same is true of you and your husband. If you pray for yourself and not him, you will never find the blessings and fulfilment you want. What happens to him happens to you and you can’t get around it.
This one…

Prayer journey for my family

Dear Lord, thank You for helping me to stay on this payer journey. You are a good good God and I am very thankful that I can trust and rely on You. Lord my prayer for my husband today, is that he will give himself to You, totally, with his whole heart, body and soul. Make him to want to be devoted to You. Show him what love is and what it means to be loved. Show him how to love himself in a healthy and Godly way. Teach him to love others the same way You love us and to be good and kind and merciful towards every one. Even those that don't deserve it. 
Let he honour You with his daily choices, the way that he sees himself; the way he treats people, those who are poor and needy and especially those who have no influence and who is in no position to grant him special favour. I pray that he will show the same kindness to everyone, irrespective of their social standing in life.
Please teach him how to love and treat his bride....the way You love Your bride.
Give him a brand new love …

stop and ponder...


If i was...

If I was a painter, I would use the sky as my canvas so that the whole world would see how much I love You. I would use all the colours on my palette to create even more daring shades to describe how much You mean to me. I would paint a picture that would say a thousand words and I will sign it…’with love’

If I was a comedian I would amuse You with jokes and quotes. I would make You laugh until Your stomach hurts.

If I was a poet I would captivate You with words pleasingly arrayed that would make sense of the feelings that I cannot put to words.

If I was a sculptor, I would dazzle You with a piece of art that would show You how much I appreciate everything you have ever done for me.

But I am not a painter, a poet nor a comedian. I am just me. I don’t know how 2 express my love for You in fancy ways or with colourful words.

But I know this… I love You with all my heart.

Mercy in the month of May

Stop and ponder on the word of God during the month of MAY...

His Mercy endures 4ever...

Mercy means:
compassionateorkindlyforbearanceshowntowardanoffender, anenemy, a sinner, compassion,pity

You, O Lord, are good and 4giving,
full of mercy toward everyone who
calls out to You.
Ps 86:5

Have you ever considered this?

Have you ever-ever considered this about God's creation ... the way He enjoys His own? The way He speaks to it? Have you ever considered this:  they speak back to their Creator? 
Have you ever paused to think that when God sends lightning flashes forth, they report for duty?
Do you know that the young ones of the crow calls out to God and tell Him they are hungry?
Have you ever wondered about God's wisdom, His cleverness, His knowledge, His ability to create and to make things work?
Do you know that God gives orders to the morning and instructs the sea where its proud waves has to stop? That God walks through the valleys of the ocean depths and that darkness has a home?
Then consider this.... That this God, who created heaven and earth and everything in it, planned and created you.  But that is not all, that He loves you, with a love that is far beyond my understanding.  That He wants to be your Father, your friend and that He wants to have a relationship with you.
You, who ha…

What is your prostitute?

Do you remember the “great old bible stories” you heard as a child and how captivated  you were by the greatness of it all?

Noah - the man of faith, building the ark, with all the different animals under one roof? How on earth did he get them in there? What methods did he use to get them to follow him?
What about Jonah and the Whale – What went through his mind exactly when he was in the stomach of the whale? I cannot - not even in my wildest dreams, [and in the comfort of my home] imagine what he must have felt like... thinking about? Or was he just praying and repenting - scared of drowning everytime the whale opened his mouth. Surely it must have smelled!! 

Another old time favourite is the wonderful story of Moses. A story with so many hidden truths. And also a  story of a mothers protective love for her child, how she decided to stand the chance of ‘loosing’ him by hiding him by the side of the River Nile, not knowing if she will ever see him again! But in the end, God’s merciful …