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Where I belong

Feeling like a refugee Like it don't belong to me The colors flash across the sky
This air feels strange to me Feeling like a tragedy I take a deep breath and close my eyes One last time
But I'm not sentimental This skin and bones is a rental And no one makes it out alive
Until I die I'll sing these songs On the shores of Babylon Still looking for a home In a world where I belong
Where the weak are finally strong Where the righteous right the wrongs Still looking for a home In a world where I belong
Feels like we're just waiting, waiting While our hearts are just breaking, breaking Feels like we've been fighting against the tide
I wanna see the earth start shaking I wanna see a generation Finally waking up inside
On the final day I die I want to hold my head up high I want to tell You that I tried To live it like a song
And when I reach the other side I want to look You in the eye And know that I've arrived In a world where I belong where I belong
I still…