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Monday, 25 February 2013

My beloved soon-2-b-son-in-law

Soon you'll take my oldest to be your wife.
You need to know I've been praying for you all of her life.

May God prepare you to be a Godly-man
One that will love and cherish her the best he can.
To stand up to her when the time is right
to love her when the world’s not all that bright.
Learn how to hold her close to your heart
So you’ll get it right the times her world falls apart.
Treat her with the love that God desire
So when trouble lures at the door,
she remains steady and full of fire
even when her man is face-down on the floor.
Make it your creed
to always share your desires and needs.
Let her know she is protected and safe
when she reach out for your loving embrace.
 From this journey do not part
seek the Lord with all your heart
And Let His mercy and grace
be the foundation of this new phase.



Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Why me Lord

This morning I discovered a very old CD and while this song from Kris Kristofferson played, I was amazingly aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit....

why me Lord?
what have i ever done,
to deserve even one,
of the pleasure i've known,
tell me Lord,
what did i ever do,
that was worth lovin' You,
for the kindness You've shown,

Lord help me Jesus,
i've wasted it so help me Jesus,
i know what i am,
but now that i know,
that i needed You so help me Jesus,
my souls in Your hand,

try me Lord,
if You think there's a way,
i can try to repay,
all i've takin' from You,
maybe Lord,
i can show someone else,
what i've been through myself,
on my way back to You,

Jesus, my soul's in your hands 


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