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Death, where is your sting?

Oh death where is your sting? ....God gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!  Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.~ 1 Cor 15:55-

Selfs in dood lewe HOOP voort!!

What an amazing and beautiful God we serve!! He died so we can live! Oh how I love this Jesus!

Praying for my husband - Day 14

Day 14: 

My beloved husband; I have reached the last day of the 14 Day-journey that I undertook to pray for you. I must confess there were times that I did not feel like going through with it, but I did and I am glad!

I have experienced a few changes in my own heart, especially towards you, our marriage and our relationship. I am sharing some of it with you as I want to be held accountable for my decisions and hopefully you will never hold any of the things I get wrong against me, but rather encourage me to try again. To never give up, especially on us!

No matter what happened yesterday, last week or 10 years ago... today is a new day for me, for us and I mean every word as it is spoken from my heart. It is my prayer that I will find favor in your heart, like Esther found with her king.

You are a strong, kind and courageous man that will walk through fire for me. A man that loves God with his whole heart - and even if we get so many things wrong, there are so many things you get right. An…

Praying for my husband - Day 13

14 Days of prayer for my husband 
Day 13
My beloved husband:  May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.
May the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. ~ Numbers 6:24-26

Love you always. Your beloved wife

Praying for your husband - Day 12

14 Days of prayer for your husband
Day 12

Have mercyon us, O God, according to your unfailing love;according to your great compassionblot outour transgressions.Wash awayall our iniquity and cleanseus from our sins. For we know our transgressions, and our sins are always before us.
Against You, You only, have we sinnedand done what is evil in Your sight;so You are right in Your verdict and justified when You judge.Surely we were sinfulat birth,sinful from the time our mothers conceived us.
Yet You desired faithfulness even in the womb; You taught us wisdomin that secret place. Cleanseus with hyssop,and we will be clean; wash us, and we will be whiter than snow.Let us hear joy and gladness;let the bonesYou have crushed rejoice. Hide your face from our sinsand blot outall our iniquity.
Create in us a pure heart,O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within us.Do not cast us from Your presence or take Your Holy Spirit from us. Restore to use the joy of Your salvation and grant us a willing spirit…

Praying for my husband - Day 11

14 Days of Prayer for my husband

Day 11 :
Precious Jesus You are such a kind and generous God and I am ever so thankful that You are a God of Love. What would have happened to us if You were not the kind of God that You are? Lord I want to ask You to send Your angels to guide and protect my husband from the evil one. Protect him from wicked people who want to harm him, from slanderers, gossipers and malicious people. Guard his heart and let him always choose to walk in Light and in victory.
I declare that no weapons formed against him shall prosper In the Name of Jesus.  I take authority over this day that You have set aside for him to prosper. I confess that he is healed and whole, that he will flourish as long as he live, that he will be stable, steadfast, incorruptible, fruitful, virtuous, full of peace, patience and love. That whatsoever he set his hands to do shall prosper in Jesus Name. I proclaim that God supplies all his (and our) needs and that he will have no lack!
I bind and brea…

Praying for my husband - Day 10

14 Days of Prayer for my husband

Day 10: (saterdag) Dear Jesus, Will You please encourage my handsome husband to read Your Word? Give him a love for it. Make him eager to read and study Your Word and unveil all the hidden treasures in Your Holy Book!
Teach him how to use it as a two edged sword, and how to stand on it during trials and tribulations!  Make him hungry to grow and learn and feed him daily with every written word. Let Your word become flesh to him personally. Let him see You in every chapter in every book and make him a witness of Your story! 
I pray Jesus that he will drink from the river of the water of Life, as clear as crystal which is flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb, (Revelation 22:1) may he become so full of You that whenever he opens his mouth, Your love and truths will flow out of him like a river and may that river never run dry.
~ Psalm 46:4 - There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells. I pray Hol…

Praying for my husband - Day 9

14 Days of prayer for my husband

Day 9:
Dear God. Ever since I undertook this journey to pray for my husband, You quietly started a process in my own heart…a process I did not necessarily think to pray for myself, but being the good God You are You planted a seed of commitment, a softness, a kindness, a seed of repentance, a seed of forgiveness in me … I just know it’s there.I just know.
I sense a softness in my heart towards my husband… something shifted.. it’s almost as if I had a tiny glimpse of my past behaviours …there's an awareness in me this morning that I also need to change.

Make me want to change. Make me the peacemaker 
~  Matthew 5:9 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God'

You are so good to me.

God I pray today that You will shine a spotlight on me. On who I really am. On what I have become. What I have allowed myself to get involved in. On where my focus is. On my divided heart…

I must confess, this is something I don’t really want to pr…

Praying for my husband - Day 8

14 Days of prayer for my husband

Day 8:
Abba Father, You are so Holy and Glorious and Worthy to be praised. I bless You Father. 
God we are in 8th Day and I honestly want to thank You for all the prayers You have already answered!. Especially those that I have not yet witnessed with my own eyes but I know that it will manifest in flesh because my hope, my trust and all the faith I could gather is in You Jesus. My eyes are fixed on Your promises and it is on Your Word I rely. I know that my husband feels differently already – and I am convinced he cannot explain it, but the tugging is in his very own heart. Because You are a Mighty Warrior, fighting for us. You are our Provider and it is in You we take our Refuge.
Make my husband want to live a Holy life. A life not driven by his ego but by Your conviction. Let him long for You and find a Friend in You – a Friend that will spend time with him, a Friend that he can trust and turn to.  Be the Friend he always wanted Jesus, and let he experien…

Praying for my husband - day 7

14 Days of prayers for my husband

Dear Jesus. Today I have a very special prayer request… a request very close to my heart. I pray that my husband and I will fall in love with each other all over again. Restore the warmth, the thrill and excitement we felt when we first met.
Jesus only You can restore the wounds that unfaithfulness, lies, rejection, anger, never-at-home, always-working and addiction caused between us and break the cycle of spitefulness over us in Your Mighty Name.
I want to look into my husband’s eyes and see the reflection of his love for me again and again. I want to feel the warmth of his tender touch and ask that You will also heal our intimate moments together. Show us how to appreciate one another all over again and make him look at me through new eyes. Especially now that we are both getting older, let he not only be content with me but that let him desire me even more and not steal waters out of another well (1 Corinthians 7:9).
Please give us a new respect and tr…

Praying for my husband - Day 6

14 Days of prayer for my husband

Dear Jesus You are my Rock and my Shelter and I honour You for being in my life. For saving me from my past, my wrongs.
I pray that Your saving grace and mercy will touch the heart of my loved ones. Especially my husband. Open his eyes Lord and let him see You. Salvation. Mercy. Grace. Kindness. Peace. I pray that He will see You with new eyes and that he will long to be like You.
I pray against hardness against his heart. Help him to understand the importance of repentance and of guarding his heart. Let him see You Jesus. Let him see who You are. I pray that he will strive to be like You. That he will imitate Your characteristics.
I pray that my husband will be a man of integrity. That he will conduct business on an honest and fair manner. That he will pay his workers a fair wage. That he will treat all of his co-workers with respect and dignity, the ones above him and the ones below him. Make him strong and courageous. Lenient and fair, without compromis…

Praying for my husband - Day 5

14 Days of prayer for my husband
Father I lift my husband up to You today and pray that You will undo all the wrong, hurt and rejection he had to experience ever since he was a little boy.
Father I ask you to cancel the effect of all the negative things he was exposed during his childhood and those in his adult life.
I pray against any form of aggression, impatience, bad temper, yelling and ask that all the fruits of Your Spirit become part of him.
Father I pray against husbands that uses aggression and manipulation to rule or to get their way in their homes and ask You to intervene with all Your Might in the Name of Jesus. 
Show them how to be kind and patient and to impart hope and love into his family’s heart instead of fear.  Show them the importance of spending good quality time with his family, to take care of the children, tuck them in at night, and sometimes, Lord even if it is just once a week, and read a bedtime story.  Lord let him see a glimpse of his wife’s heart, all the g…

Praying 4 my husband - Day 4

Day 4:

Dear Lord, You are a Holy God that deserves to be praised because You are marvelous and glorius and I would like to offer my praise to You and hope it will be acceptable in Your eyes.

Father I pray that You will speak into my husband's spirit and reveal Yourself to him. I pray that He will obey Your every word and seek Your Holy presence every single day.

I pray for a Holy hunger to fill his heart and soul and that He will only drink from Your Fountains of Love.  I pray that You will open his eyes and ears to always always always hear Your voice. That he will follow Your every move and that he will strive to be like Your Son Jesus. I pray that he will imitate Jesus' character and will speak only words that will bring forth life.

Father I pray that he will love You with an everlasting love. That he will always seek Your presence first in all he do.  Annoint him so that he is able to do Your work, to live the kind of life You have planned for him, to do good to others, t…

Praying for my husband - Day 3

14 Days of Prayer
Day 3: Dear Lord, thank You so much for helping me to stay on this payer journey. You are a good good God and I am very thankful that I can trust and rely on You. Lord my prayer for my husband today, is that he will give himself to You, totally, with his whole heart, body and soul. Make him to want to be devoted to You. Show him what love is and what it means to be loved. Show him how to love himself in a healthy and Godly way. Teach him to love others the same way You love us and to be good and kind and mercyful towards every one. Even those that don't deserve it.  Let he honor You with his daily choices, the way that he sees himself; the way he treats people, those who are poor and needy and especially those who have no influence and who is in no position to grant him special favour. I pray that he will show the same kindness to everyone, irrespective of their social standing in life.
Please teach him how to love and treat his bride....the way You love Your brid…

it's like an earthquake

Something strange gets a hold of me Every time I hear HIS Name He loves and forgives and He sets me free And really I can't complain
Lightning strikes as He reaches for me The earth beneath subsides Thunder roars deep in my heart Every time He calls my name
It’s like an earthquake, this turn in my soul It’s like an earthquake, taking control It’s like an earthquake, this feeling inside There’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide
His love’s so strong, it could never fail To move me everyday It reaches out to a ten on a scale If His love could be measured that way
Lightning strikes as He reaches for me The earth beneath subsides Thunder roars deep in His heart Every time I call on His Name
It’s like an earthquake, this turn in my soul It’s like an earthquake, taking control It’s like an earthquake, this feeling inside That will never subsides

Praying for my husband - Day 2

14 Days of Prayer for my husband

We've started our prayer journey yesterday asking and trusting God to change our hearts first, to renew our minds and to change the way we think and act like we did in the past in order to be able to pray with a new an open heart for our husbands.
This morning, I would like to encourage you to purposefully change the state your mind/thoughts are in… totally.
And think different. Decide now, in this moment that this pilgrimage you undertook, that you are going to go all out. Do it good. Properly. 100%. Think like a Barbarian. (dare to live on the edge… if only for the remaining 13 days).
Pray with a different tone. Pray with eagerness. Seriousness. And pray for anything! Don’t be scared to ‘go there’ – to trust God for supernatural breakthroughs, big things, revelations!
Go to the Throne with a steady heart. With a boldness like you’ve never known before.
Think… John the Baptist. He called a spade a spade. Spoke about Jesus with fear and reverence and di…

Praying for my husband - Day 1

14 Days of prayer for my husband

Dear Lord, today I am starting with a journey to pray for my husband. Please give me the strength to follow through with this 14 day journey; to pray without seizing no matter what happens and how he treats me.  Help me to remember that this is a seed of love I am sowing, knowing well that he might never pray for me the way I pray for him. And let it not matter to me.  
Give me a new heart Jesus; one that is soft and kind and merciful towards him and help me to realise that I have to let go of all the wrongs in the past, all the empty promises and all the times he broke my heart.  Make me fall in love with him all over again! Help me to realise that I need to forgive him in order to move forward. Show me how to love and respect him again even if he doesn’t deserve it.  
Let this very first day, be a new day in my own heart, a new day in my marriage... a brand new beginning.
Give me the courage to be strong, prayerful and faithful towards this journey. All th…

14 Day Prayer Journey for our husbands

Join me in a 14 Day journey to pray for your husband....
.....The effectual fervent prayer of  a righteous [woman] availeth much.
~ James 5:16

First things First

In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.
~ Proverbs 3:6

When I read this scripture this morning, I realized that I there are still times that I don't put God first in my daily decisions or efforts. And for obvious reasons that is why those efforts are not successful.... Oh God, please forgive me for not honoring You first.

Your marriage

Marriage was the first institution established by God in the book of Genesis, chaper 2. It is a holy covenant that symbolizes the relationship between Christ and His Bride (the Body of Christ).

Does your relationship with your spouse symbolizes the relationship between Christ and His Bride?

Wanneer jy my verlaat

Met elke vaarwel Is daar ‘n traan wat val Vir daardie half uur of twee Was daar niemand behalwe ons twee
Dan gaan daardie lang wyster staan Daar waar my moed weer weg wil gaan Dit is tyd dat jy my moet verlaat Die lee spasie in my bestaan wat jy weer agter laat
Die lee koppies spreek van jou eens teenwoordigheid Jou mooi glimlag op die rand is wat oor is na die afskeid Jou parfuum soet en sag op my hemp Is al wat help om die hartseer te demp
Met trae gees wil ek die koppies was Maar dan keer ‘n traan terug, want weg is nou, my spesiale gas So vul elke traan ‘n oog Nou is dit selfs moeilik om die pierings te sien om af te droog
Maar my gees bly gevul Met mooi herinneringe van tye saam Tye wat ons in liefde hul Tye waar slegs ons bestaan
~ annoniem

Chains hit the ground

I’m holding on to You It’s all I know to do
When fear has had me bound
When enemies surround
There’s freedom in this truth
My salvation is in You

And I remember the nails that You took for me
When You died in my shame and iniquity
Jesus, You have set me free
The thorns of my pain You wore in a crown
When You bowed Your head
Your love was poured out
And my chains hit the ground

You are the Rock I’ve found
Above the shifting ground
Amid a raging war
You’re the One I’m fighting for
For all of my years
My banner will be clear

I am Yours
And even though the waves, they crash below
I’m holding onto love
I’m holding onto love
I am Yours
Forever all my days, I lay before Your holy love
I’m holding onto love

Leeland ~ Chains hit the ground lyrics