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It's good to know I belong

In the shelter of Your eyes
I have finally learned the song
It took so long to realise
I just can’t make in on my own
Words are only what they say
But this feeling isn’t wrong
I’m so glad I found my way
It’s good to be where I belong
And I’m gonna stay right here
Coz I’m in the rhythm of Your mind
Tune out the world and rest my head
Beneath the shelter of Your eyes.

Kiss all this hurtin away

I’ve spent my life looking for You
Finding my way wasn’t easy to do
I know You were there all the while
And it’s been worth every mile
So lay down beside me
Love me and hide me
Kiss all the hurting of this world away
Hold me so close that I feel Your heartbeat
And don’t ever wonder away
Mornings and evenings all were the same
And there was no music till I heard Your Name
But I knew when I saw You smile
Now I can rest for a while
So lay down beside me
Love me and hide me
Kiss all the hurtin of this world away
Hold me so close that I feel Your heartbeat
And don’t ever wander away

a Friend 4 life

When I need hopeand inspiration
You're always strongwhen I'm tired and weak
I could search this whole worldover
You'd still be everythingthat I need.

You brought love like I've never known
You gave lifeto all my children
And to me, a reasonto go on. You're my breadwhen I'm hungry
You're my shelterfrom troubled winds
You're my anchorin life's ocean
But most of all, You're my best Friend

Am I dead yet?

For as long as I can remember I 've always struggled with negative thoughts…. Thoughts of insecurity; that I’m not clever enough, pretty enough, good enough – especially when I hear of someone else’s success or breakthroughs. I would ponder for days on ‘what have I done wrong’ or ‘did not do’ to have the same favour as others have had. Somedays I don't even give it a thought and then there are days.....
For the most part I am content with what I have when it comes to material things. It’s just that I’m at a place in my life where I question the direction of my life. Am I at the right place - my ministry, my job, my marriage, my friends, the choices I make ~ I feel weak, fragile, drained, wearied. It’s as if I’m in a desert place and there is just no way out – whatever way I choose to go on  it’s just not where the oasis is. Maybe I walked straight into the desert because of the mystified choices I’ve made or maybe I just drifted towards the desert .... I don't even know how…

because He lives

God sent his son, they call Him Jesus
He came 2 love, heal and 4give
He lived and died 2 buy my pardon,
an empty grave is there 2 prove my Saviour lives
Because He lives I can face 2morrow
because He lives all fear is gone
because I know He holds the future,
and life is worth the living just because He lives
because He lives...4ever I have hope!