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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Praying for my husband - Day 5

14 Days of prayer for my husband

Father I lift my husband up to You today and pray that You will undo all the wrong, hurt and rejection he had to experience ever since he was a little boy.

Father I ask you to cancel the effect of all the negative things he was exposed during his childhood and those in his adult life.

I pray against any form of aggression, impatience, bad temper, yelling and ask that all the fruits of Your Spirit become part of him.

Father I pray against husbands that uses aggression and manipulation to rule or to get their way in their homes and ask You to intervene with all Your Might in the Name of Jesus. 

Show them how to be kind and patient and to impart hope and love into his family’s heart instead of fear.  Show them the importance of spending good quality time with his family, to take care of the children, tuck them in at night, and sometimes, Lord even if it is just once a week, and read a bedtime story.  Lord let him see a glimpse of his wife’s heart, all the good she is doing to make life warm and comfortable for him and their children. Let him see, if only for one day, her efforts, her strength and the things she so often sacrifice to let them rather have her share.

Holy Father I pray this in the Name of Jesus.

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