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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Praying for my husband - Day 8

14 Days of prayer for my husband

Day 8:
Abba Father, 
You are so Holy and Glorious and Worthy to be praised. I bless You Father. 

God we are in 8th Day and I honestly want to thank You for all the prayers You have already answered!. Especially those that I have not yet witnessed with my own eyes but I know that it will manifest in flesh because my hope, my trust and all the faith I could gather is in You Jesus. My eyes are fixed on Your promises and it is on Your Word I rely. I know that my husband feels differently already – and I am convinced he cannot explain it, but the tugging is in his very own heart. Because You are a Mighty Warrior, fighting for us. You are our Provider and it is in You we take our Refuge.

Make my husband want to live a Holy life. A life not driven by his ego but by Your conviction. Let him long for You and find a Friend in You – a Friend that will spend time with him, a Friend that he can trust and turn to.  Be the Friend he always wanted Jesus, and let he experience the true bond that friendship brings. Help him to be a good friend to others, one that helps others when they fall, one that never judges nor criticise.

I pray that my husband will find in You the Brother he never had. The Brother that will stay by his side through thick and thin, no matter what. Let that bond of family and brotherhood be so strong that no man, power or principality be able to destroy it. And let him guard it with his whole heart.

Then Father, I pray that he will see in You the Father he never had.. a Father he always longed for.  A Father who looks at him with love and acceptance … no matter how many times he makes the same mistakes or wrong decisions. Fill the gaps in his heart that his earthly father left empty...

I ask this in Jesus Name.

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