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Monday, 25 January 2010

Conversations with God

Good Night God

I am sure you missed me talking to You today. Father I am so sorry that only now, I give You my my individed attention. I missed You. I really missed Your voice today. Have You been waiting for me? Were You looking out for me Lord?

Lord, what did You do today? What happened in heaven today. How many celebrations have You had today? I bet You had quite a few - did the angels have fun with You dancing and singing over all the newborn christians? Wow! Lord Your parties must have the biggest fireworks show ever!! Filled with laughter and dancing, music and clapping and Lord, just happiness. I would love to experience it one day Lord. Will You invite me, soon? I would love to join in the fun ...

Why do I sense a bit of sadness Lord.... Abba? did someone hurt You today? Did anyone break Your heart all over again? Will You please tell me if someone did? I want to be there for You too... you can cry on my shoulder too Lord. I'll understand - I know the pain of an aching heart... of someones betrayal...

Lord, tomorrow morning when I wake up... please be there. Dont' leave. If You see me taking too long to open my eyes, don't leave. Please wait. I want You to be the first person that I see when I open my eyes.

I love You.
Good Night Lord



Lord, come sit here by my side.
Lets look out the window, 2gether, U and I
Tell me Your plans 4 2day
Show me the sunrise that U chose 4 this morning
I would love 2 c it
Please sit closer as I want 2 share the view with U
I want us 2 experience it 2gether
Let me c it through Your eyes
Lord allow me 2 hear how U greet the new day - I want to 2 hear U talking 2 the sun and Lord I would absolutely love 2 hear Your sweet voice, giving instructions to Your creation.

Do U whistle 2 the birds and sing lullaby's to their babies? Do U have a special way of greeting them? Do they sit on the branches each morning, eagerly awaiting their Creator's loving voice? Do they start their day by loving U first? Do they think of U as often and fondly as I do my Lord?
I bet U that they start chirping and singing and dancing, knowing U are on Your way! Full of joy, so very happy and content with whatever U may bring. Like little children, they trust U. Because they know U and they love U.


Please forgive me Father

Pull me into Your presence so that I can rest.. The burdens upon me is just too heavy Father. Please help me, I need You. Your yoke is not heavy, please lighten my burdens.

I am so sorry for You Jesus. You took my blame, You made it Yours. You paid the price. Jesus I have hurt You again - over and over.

When will I ever stop? When Father will we come to the realisation that we are crucifying You again and again. As if You haven't suffered enough..

Please forgive me for the role I played, for the aching in Your heart that I caused You today.

Please turn me into a women, a mother, a wife, a evangelist, a friend, that will bring honour to Your Name.


My Beloved Father

My Father who is in heaven and in my heart... There is no one like You. Nothing compares. Nothing.

I wish I could grasp everything in Your Creation. How absolutely marvelous You are. Is there a word, known to man, that can describe Your magnificence? Father, teach me, show me Your marvelous works. Your love for all You have made, amazes me..

The way You have orchestrated sound is so far above my understanding that I cannot even begin to comprehend what it is that You have done.. You have done great things!

I delight myself in this knowledge, I wish I could know more..

I adore You Father and I bless You with everything that is within me.

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