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Monday, 25 January 2010

A view from the Mountain Top

My Dear Jesus

How magnificent it is indeed to be able to stand on the mountain top for a change, and see the view from Your eyes.

It is as clear and comprehensible just as You have promised me it would be. You have been so patient with me. Teaching me how to climb my mountains. Carefully instructing me how
to use the tools You have provided for me for every situation…

When I was too tired to go further, You, ever so patiently
waited for me to catch my breath. Lovingly nudging me to go on, to climb higher. Thank You Lord for teaching me to look at it from various angles.

Your angles. I needed just that.

I just wish I had the courage - must sooner, than I did, to make the journey.
Things would have been much easier.

I love Your view Lord. It’s much nicer than mine. Bearable, reachable, graspable.

Your Eyes see differently than mine. Teach me Jesus to see it through Your Eyes.

To see more.
To See the unseen.

Your Secret Place.

"as the mountains lie around Jerusalem so am I around you …" Ps 125:2

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