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Monday, 25 January 2010

Love Letter 2 my Creator

Abba Avi, how often do You not surprise and amaze me by the wonders of Your Mighty Love. It is indeed through Your amazing love 4 me that I can sense the softness of Your Presence... the tenderness of Your touch... the sweetness of Your kiss...

It is only You sweet, sweet Jesus that can take me high up in the sky and give me the ability 2 fly, 2 fly away with You. Into freedom... into weightlessness... into abundance... into holiness... into nothing, yet everything !

Just like an eagle, high, high so high up in the sky, 2gether with You. You who are the Wind beneath my wings, the Wind that shields me, that directs and guides me, that protects me and that gives me the ability to be fearless, accurate, strong, fast and free...

Oh how I love Thee...

It is only You that can give me hind's feet so that I am able to walk with U on High Places, where I can wander on mountains so high, without being afraid - where no one can reach me... Only You... only You.

Abba Father, give me the ability to dream... Your dream. The one that You dreamed when You were busy creating me. The same dream You dreamed when You formed my heart.

When I close my eyes I can still feel Your hands, lovingly, softly and very carefully, shaping my heart... my arms, my stomach, my legs and toes...

I can still see the look in Your Eyes when You opened mine.. the love.. oh the tender love that I saw and experienced, still takes my breath away... I remember that I could drown in Your love... that was the moment that I gave my heart to You... knowing that I would be Loved for ever.

I can still smell You. The moment Your breathed life into me.. I know like I knew then that You would be with me, every breath that I take.

And oh, the sweet sweet moment, when You kissed me... the tenderness of Your Lips, they were so soft then, just as You are now... the taste of Your Lips, like strawberries, or was it grapes, or honey? - I still don't know because I have never tasted a Kiss that was so sweet - a Kiss that was mingled with all the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and Love, oh love, how sweet is Your love !

One day, oh one day my Lover is going to kiss me again! What a glorious day it is going to be... when I will be kissed by my Bridegroom!

I will make arrangements for Your Coming - I will prepare the way for You.

I am so thrilled by the mere thought of our Wedding. Oh Jesus! What a Glorius Day it is going to be! I cannot wait to be Your Bride... to be united with You. To seal our Love in Holy Matrimony. I am longing for the day where I can be in Your loving Presence, every second of they day.

Just like a little girl, I am dreaming of our Special Day, a date and time that You have set aside for us. I still dream of what my dress will look like, the length of my veil, and especially of the look in Your Eyes when You see me walking down the isle... all in white - like a virgin, pure and holy in Your eyes.

I dream of spending my days on end with You, by Your side, together You and I.

Oh Holy Jesus... I long for You... I am counting the days of Your Coming.

I hope it will be soon...

I love You so much...

With all my love
Your Bride-to-be

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