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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


A new journey for both Restoration and StepUp-StepIn.

StepUp-StepIn now forms part of our Life Style Eating Habits program.

Corni is a qualified Biokineticist. One of her functions is to improve a person's physical status and quality of life through individualised assessment and exercise prescription in the dual context of clinical pathalogy and performance enhancement.

About Step-up Step-in
Are you tired of always trying to loose weight or get your body into shape, but you can never seem to reach your goal? Or do you suffer from chronic back aches, physical restrictions, sports or other injuries that limit your lifestyle?

Did you know that there is an easier way to get a healthier lifestyle without excessive dieting and long hours of physical exercise? Through joining our STEP UP STEP IN program, you will soon feel better about yourself, and see and feel a difference in your body. It is effective, effortless and enjoyable!

About Step-up Step-in
Step your way back to into shape

A Word on encouragement from Madelize
Hi, my name is Madelize, and I am a part time student studying Small Business Management and Computerized Bookkeeping. To be honest, I never really liked exercising and to be honest, I never exercised AT ALL! I’ve always tried to loose weight through starving diets and going to the gym once every month…but never seemed to keep off the little weight I lost through all my desperate, hopeless efforts. That was until I met my friend, Corni. She is a real outdoor chick and loves any kind of physical and outdoor activity. She opened up my life to a whole new world of fun through being physical active and actually enjoying it.

A while ago, I asked her to help me get fit and loose weight, since she is a qualified biokineticist. She introduced me to a step counter and said all that I needed to do was do step 10 000 steps per day. What!! I couldn’t believe my ears! All those tormenting push-ups and starving diets..what about them? Well, all I did was do 10 000 steps and still continued with my normal lifestyle, eating regular with no excessive dieting and other physical exercise…and I really started seeing a great difference in my body and felt great.

The step counter and the support was so effective, that we decided that we wanted to share this with others. Making a difference in other people’s lives through helping them reach their goals. What if there was actually a time where you reached and completed your new year’s resolutions to loose weight and become fit!?! Well, the time is now!

Ps. I am still a bit overweight and decided to take this journey with you and start the Step Up Step In program from 1 September 2009. Come take this journey with me as we step our way back into shape! Why? Because we are in this together!

What are the benefits of regular physical activity?

Let us mention just a few benefits according to the American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM). A physical active lifestyle (note that we are not talking about exercise, but a physical ACTIVE LIFESTYLE) and a moderate to high level of cardio-respiratory fitness, independently lowers the risk for various chronic diseases. For example, it lowers rates of hypertension, obesity, cancer of the colon, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. A physical active lifestyle increases longevity.

But how much exercise or physical activity is needed?

Scientists and health specialists guides us to intensities of daily physical activity equivalent to walking 1.6 km in 15 – 20 minutes for most healthy adults. The following is quoted from the ASCM; “Significant health benefits can be obtained by including a moderate amount of physical activity, for e.g., 30 minutes of brisk walking or raking leaves, 15 minutes of running, or 45 minutes of volleyball, on most, if not all, days of the week. Through a modest increase in daily activity most can improve their health and quality of life.”

One major misconception may deter many individuals from initiating an exercise program for weight control and a healthy lifestyle. They believe that exercise is a poor means to loose weight because it burns so few calories. But we need to have a shift of mind. For example, to lose a 0.45 kg of fat you only need to jog about 35 minutes. However, you must look at the long-term concept. Walking about 3.2 km a day will burn about 6000 Calories a month accounting to almost 1 kg of fat. Note that we are talking about fat and not weight.

This is were Step Up Step In, Step your way back into shape, comes in. Increasing your daily activity by increasing the amount of steps you take per day will increase calories burned. Depending on your stride length, walking about 10 000 steps a day can amount to roughly 5km walking a day accounting to 312 calories burnt. Thus, the more steps you take during your daily activities, the more calories you burn. If you are accustomed to taking 10 000 steps a day, you need to increase your daily steps without increasing your daily food consumption to see the benefits. This increase in steps takes place during your normal day to day activities, which means you don’t have to make extra time for physical exercise if you have reached your goal for the day. If you do not meet your daily steps or goals you will be required to make up these steps to reap the benefits.

Step counters are simple and inexpensive body-worn motion sensors that are readily being used by researchers and practitioners to assess and motivate physical activity behaviours. Pedometer-determined physical activity through the Step Up Step In program are needed to guide your efforts. Through obtaining a certain amount of steps of steps per day, you will soon reach your goals in an effective, effortless and enjoyable. Check during the day to see whether you are progressing and if you are not progressing increase your steps, increase your daily activity.

Insert page 138; The Activity Pyramid, analogous to the USDA`s Food Guide Pyramid, has been suggested as model to facilitate public and patient education for the adoption of a progressively more active lifestyle. (Copyright 1997 Park Nicollet Health Source Institute for Research and Education.)


By contacting us and signing up for our Step Up Step In program, we will do a personalized, basic, health evaluation with you. Determining where we can help you through working out a program best suited for your body and hearing what your personal goals are. When signing up, you will receive a Step Up Step In Package which will include everything you will need to help you kick start and step your way back into shape. Each program and evaluation we make is individualized, focusing on your needs and making it work for you and your body.

Together with new motivation and your Step Up Step In package, you will be monitored for a few weeks as you step your way back into shape. This you will do by just increasing your average daily steps you take throughout your day and busy lifestyle. It is fun, and you can do it with your whole family, your friends, groups or just by yourself. After a certain period, we will do another personalized basic evaluation and follow up with you to see where you have improved and to see how far you are from your personal goals.

The Package includes the following:
* Basic, individualized evaluation - which includes: basic health assessment and body composition
* Individualized Step Up Step In health and exercise program
* Step Counter
* Log book - where you will keep log of the total steps you take per day and send it back to us
* Aloe Rafaa health drink - to kick start you and help you maintain health and energy

Other various info on stepping your body into health and shape

The first program will be a duration for 2 months, where you will be monitored and supported via telephone and email. After the 2 months, another basic health assessment and evaluation will be done to see where you have improved and how far you are from your goals. Thereafter, a new log book will be given to you where you remain logging in your steps per day and report it back to us. This is so that we can help you reach your goals and support you along the way. Thereafter, you can choose to remain on the program or to continue on your own and live the healthy lifestyle you walked yourself into.

For more information about StepUp StepIn, and how to join our program, contact us on:

Madelize – 082 728 0733
Corni – 079 696 1201
Fax: 086 623 6384
Email: stepup.stepin@gmail.com

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