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Friday, 26 March 2010


Endurance is native to those who love, for to truly love is to continue to love under all circumstances.  Man's natural love is often an exchange, a mutual giving and receiving; BUT God's true holy love will give when there is no exchange, because it does not require reward and is not motivated by gifts.

Love gives because it is its nature to give and so is not a respector of persons nor conditions.  "A Friend loveth at all times", and because He does, He endures.  He endures hardship, pain, privation, poverty, weariness, misunderstanding, and sacrifice of personal wishes and needs.  He endures.  He continues to give and continues to love giving, and in so doing he is preserved in the day of adveristy.

He is preserved from doubts, fears, and questionings.  He is protected against discouragement.  He is strengthened in weakness and sustained in trouble.  He is invincible.  And love is his sustaining force.  He endures, for he sees Him who is invisible... Him who is the epitome of love, and so He is at one with the Creator and receives a continuing creative power which is the secret of his endurance.

To be one with the source is to have an unfailing supply.

So bear cheerfully each day's burden, for it is given to purify the soul.  In every trial there burns the Refiners Fire.

(Frances J. Roberts)

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