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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What is your song?

I recently saw an episode of a series I am quite fond of and in one of the scenes the bride-to-be, busy planning finer details of their wedding, asks her fiance 'what is our song'?

And it made me think about a song I often sing to/share with Jesus.
I love to sing the chorus of a particular song over and over to Him, the one I adore. The One I love.

It's a way of me connecting with Jesus. In the world that I live in, where I constantly have to focus on my relationship with Jesus, where the things of the world often try to pull me away from my commitment and dedication to Jesus, I'll try to do things that will keep my flame burning. Sometimes it ain't even burning high. In days like these, I will rehearse lyrics over and over and over until I have ignited the flames again. Until I feel the warmth again.

Someone told me a long time ago that your relationship with Jesus is like a burning fire. If you take a coal from the pit, it will get cold and eventually die.

What do you do to keep the Fire Burning?

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