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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

where do i run to?

i want to run i want to hide
i want Jesus by my side
i want to laugh i want to cry
but 2day i wanna die

the road is too long
the mountain's too high
the journey is too tuff
i've realised i'm not that strong

my defenses are low
my body is weak
my mind is made up
this time i need to go

to find myself
to find Jesus
to search through my heart
to look for the truth
to look for me-i am lost
to retrace my steps
to find what i did wrong
to mend the broken pieces
to take care of myself

where am i ?
who am i ?

i need to be whole again
i wanna laugh more
i need to cry less
my life is a mess

i want to dance in the rain
i want to laugh until it hurts
will i ever be whole again
will i ever be whole again
will i ever be whole again

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