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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I am in-love

I am in-love with a beautiful man.
A man, who loved me first.

He has the most beautiful eyes
Everytime when I look into them
I see an ongoing depth, so inviting
so marvelously deep and full of
acceptance and desire for me, my love.

Whenever I look into His eyes
I find myself slipping away into a world
a place, so full of peace and understanding.
Jeus's love is so real, so true and honest.
So absolutely intense.

I just want to be in His love. 
I love His Love. The way He loves me,
makes me wanting more of Him.
I have grown so fond of the way He smell
It has become so familiar to me.
He has allowed me
to see Him, to touch and to love Him
He is so part of me.
He is in me 

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