Monday, 5 December 2011

a storm

wasted days and wasted nights
how many of those have i not had
wasted hours waisted times
is my life all that bad

i have been rejected and alone
afraid and misled
holding on to something that cannot be
desiring something, but i'm not free

waking up at night
dreaming of something i hoped i could have
desperately making it right
thinking this is what i want

searching and scanning the crowds
for a once beloved face
wishing and hoping for a brand new start
for a new light to shine in my heart

i'm a faker i'm a loser
i'm a lover i'm sinner
i'm a women i'm a friend
why am i following this trend

my sins caused me 2 b a disgrace
to the one i love by far the most
knowing this could have cost me his grace
it made me fell flat on my face

will i ever get it back
weeping and reaping from the choices i have made
how long will my journey in the desert last
i need to rid of the wrongs in my past

a storm is brewing on the horizon
i want to hide i want to run
how could i thought it 2 b fun
oh God I really need the 4giveness of Your Son


  1. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.Keep posting such great info for us thanks

  2. Dear Desertdew
    Thank YOU for your comment - this means a lot to me.


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