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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Treatments vs the Beginning

I have Just read an article about the various types of spa treatments for women…  but not the relaxing, spoiling, ever fabulous spa treatments that immediately comes to mind. This is for your vagina.
Vajacial is a 50 minute ‘facial’.  A certain Wax Bar describes it as ‘giving your crotch the best non-orgasmic experience you can image’. This Vajacial involves four steps: cleansing, exfoliation, extracting ingrown hairs and a calming, anti-freckle, anti-acne masking and lightening cream.
Another word that got my attention is Vattooing  - a temporary tattoo for your vagina.
The more I kept thinking about this the more I felt a deep sense of sadness in my spirit.  What has happened to women that we resort to extreme practices like these? Why are we buying into this at all?
Yes we are emotional and sexual beings, but it is almost as if we have triggered something – created a monster of some sort - where we not only accept but invite the most perverse and lustful  spirits into our ourselves, our homes!
Why are we doing this? Allowing this? Taking part in this?  Have women become so occupied with their sexuality that they need to ‘sell’ themselves by the means of their vaginas?  Is this maybe the only way they are able to attract attention… and hold it?   
Another phenomenon that the world clings to is sex toys.  Vibrators, rubber penis’s, porn films… You need to understand that these little extras that you bring into your marriage are nothing less than a 3rd person.  God created men and women to have sex with one another. Not with one another and another thing… or another person.
When God created a wife for Adam, He only created one wife and called her Eve.  Not Steve. Nor did He create two wives….with a little extra.
What happened to the good all days where your husband and the romance between you and him was more than enough to keep the love flame burning for 50 years?  That the only “extra’s” you needed was maybe a candle and music to enrich the mood? 
Go back to the beginning, and start building on the love and respect you have had for one another – invite Jesus into your marriage, and once that is in place the love flame will burn high again.  Guaranteed. 
You came into this world with a guarantee.  The Bible.  If anything goes wrong, or does not work anymore – like the dying fire in you, your marriage, your relationships, go back to the Guarantee and ask the Manufacturer to ‘fix’ you… like He created you in the Beginning.  Same with your marriage… go back to the Beginning.

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