Wednesday, 7 April 2010

What if I was the Mother of the Most High King

Would I have been able to stand in Mary’s shoes? As a women, as a mother?

Would I have been able to witness my son being rejected, beaten, crucified and left to die on a cross to fulfill God's prophecy?

Would I have been able to withstand the pain of a sword piercing through my heart?

Would I have been strong enough to hold on to my faith in God during this time?

Would I have failed God by begging Him to intervene, to not go through with His plans? Would my selfishness once again surfaced? I think I would have failed Him! In my own small little world, I would have given up, would have wanted my own comfort, my own pain to be spared... I give up so easily on my dreams (and His!) when times are hard … I am so ashamed…

God, must have trusted Mary with His whole heart for her to be the mother of His Son, Jesus!

Oh I... [yee] of little faith…

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