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Monday, 5 April 2010

The death of Your Son, Jesus

My beloved Father.

When You spoke the World into Being, You had this day on Your mind and You knew even then Father, how much pain it would cause You, to see Your Son Jesus left to die on a cross.

Father I cannot imagine it being my child - it's as if my mind don't want to go to that place...

You must have felt such pain when Jesus cried out to You in Gethsemane...."My Father, take this cup of suffering away from me. But let Your will be done rather than mine".  How You must have cried my Father....

Did it felt like a spier piercing through Your very own Fathert-Heart... or did You not allow Yourself to go to that place...

I wish I was there with You that day Abba Father.  I would have hold You very close to my heart, share in Your grief ... an emotion so far beyond anything I have ever experienced.

My dearest Father, because of this unselfish love You have shown and bestowed ever so abundantly on the world, on me, I will love You always.  I will be true and faithfull to You, until the day I die.

Your beloved daughter.

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