Thursday, 1 April 2010

Exceptional Parenting

A few inspiring principles...

~  Don't try to make them carbon copies of you. God made each of your children a 'once-off', with their own genetic make-up and personality.  Don't try to make them into something that God and the rest of the world don't need one more of.

~  Develop their potential.  That means listening, observing, and once their talents and interests are identified, helping to maximise them.

~  Love them unconditionally.  Your kids need to know that their worth is never in question, that they are loved for who they are; that your love is not given or withdrawn because of behaviour, appearance or achievement.

~  Establish boundaries and be consistent in maintaining them.  Boundaries give kids a sense of security; without them, they're headed into a life of trouble.

~  Help them pursue their dreams.  Just like you, your children need goals to shoot for, to stimulate and inspire them.

~  Help them develop strong character and godly values.  These are the all-important intangibles that'll help them to go the distance.

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