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Monday, 4 August 2014

I fall short

I fell into a trap that was set to destroy me with open eyes. I became critical, judgemental and began to speak negatively.

I was so caught up in this cycle that I didn’t realise at first how destructive the path was that I was on. 
Until I made the decision to never entertain any negative thoughts towards my husband any longer.
My negative attitude towards my husband affected my once positive attitude towards the world and my world. I began to speak negatively about almost everything and everyone.

The decision to capture my thoughts, once again changed me.  It freed me. As peculiar as it sounds, it did. I became more positive towards negative situations around me. I had a renewed hope in me and it was easier to honour our marriage vows in the times I just wanted an ‘out’-pass. Whenever he says something hurtful or broke another promise or behave in a way that I absolutely hate, I choose to let it go. I choose to not  allow any destructive or negative thoughts towards him. It is a constant decision.
Romans 12v10 ~ be devoted (dedicated, faithful, steadfast) to one another in love. Honour (acknowledge, respect) one another above yourselves.

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