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Friday, 29 August 2014

Daily devotion - 4 my husband

14 Day Prayer Journey 4 u'r husband
DAY 1:

Dear Lord, today I am starting with a journey to pray for my husband.
Please give me the strength to follow through with this 14 day journey; to pray without seizing no matter what happens and how he treats me.  Help me to remember that this is a seed of love I am sowing, knowing well that he might never pray for me the way I pray for him. And let it not matter to me.  

Give me a new heart Jesus; one that is soft and kind and merciful towards him and help me to realise that I have to let go of all the wrongs in the past, all the empty promises and all the times he broke my heart.  Make me fall in love with him all over again! Help me to realise that I need to forgive him in order to move forward. Show me how to love and respect him again even if he doesn’t deserve it.  

Let this very first day, be a new day in my own heart, a new day in my marriage... a brand new beginning.
Give me the courage to be strong, prayerful and faithful towards this journey.
All this I ask, in Jesus Name

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