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Thursday, 15 March 2012

With reverence and awe

God is an all-consuming Fire. A God [Fire] that utterly consumes or destroys.
~ Someone we should worship and talk to with reverence and awe (Hebr 12:28)
...where is our fear that pleases Him?
...why has it become so easy for some to talk disrespectful with God or about God?

He is the creator of the heavens and the earth, for goodness sake!

He is Holy...!
The bible says in Hebrews 11:14...."live holy lives, because if you don't, you will not see the Lord..."

Have we no respect aymore for who He IS?

If you have no respect for who He is, then what about for what He has done...for you.

Is the reason that we still sin so easily, not maybe - just maybe that we have no respect for Jesus... and that we have taken His grace and mercy for granted?

The latter sounds more acceptable to admit that it is indeed so... but think about this for a second... if you have taken something or someone for granted, what does it actually mean?

[Please drop me an email with your thouhts and comments on this.... ]

Or do you never think about it this way or maybe you prefer not to think about it?
To see it as it is?
Can you?
Or will you continue to justify your bad behaviour and sins?
And lie to yourself?

Or will you 'man-up' and call it as it is...

To lie is to compromise and when you compromise it means you cooperate with the father of lies...
...which hardens your heart against sin..
...and God
...and when that happens....we take His mercy and Grace for granted...
...we speak lightly of God
...and when that happens...there is no 'reverance and awe' in our worship...
...and when that happens there is no motivation to seek His presence
...and when that happens, we fail to see the glory of our King!


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