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Monday, 5 March 2012

a Covenant

When you enter into a blood covenant with someone, you promise to give them you life, your love, and your protection forever.

And that is what Jesus did for me when He died on the cross...

Marriage is a blood covenant. I never understood this, until very recently.

When I married my husband we entered into a covenant relationship and we called God as a witness. [Without understanding it way back then]
Some may not honor marriage as a blood covenant but God says it is [Malachi 2:14, Proverbs 2:17]

I promised to give my husband my love.. but I never thought or feel like giving him my life. I just didn't. 

I never knew that this covenant means that I should lay down my life for my husband. As a matter if fact, even if this occurred to me a year or so ago I still would not have entertained the idea - because 'he didn't deserved it'.

Until one Saturday morning, God clearly impressed on my heart that He chose to enter into a covenant relationship with me - to lay down His life for me... even when I didn't deserve it - And that's what a covenant relationship means.

That you lay down your life; even if you know that person will never deserve it, will often mistreat you, will reject you, may not necessary love you the way you needed to be loved, my often hurt you, will behave badly, or never accept you for who you are...

My heart missed a beat.... 'coz I knew that this was something I had to do...needed to do...  With my whole heart I need to be in right-standing with God in all I do, even if it means this.

This is not a decision one makes lightheartedly.
This revelation was a big deal for me.
It's another level I knew I had to be on.

I thought deep and hard about it, because I knew once I make this decision it is going to cost something-if not all of me and most probably stretched me into directions I do not want to go.

4 Days later I not only made the decision but I took a vow before God, from that day on, that I will take the covenant I made with my husband seriously and lay down my life for my him. I meant it.  Even if he never gets this.

And something changed in my heart.... I have this 'new love' for my husband. I see him differently - I cannot explain this. I even think of him as my hero. Gheee wizzzzz.

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