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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Some hearts are diamonds

Open your heart to all of the years
that you've looked through a rainbow of tears.
You watched your dreams all fadin' away
This time you need to hold on tight.

Years may come and years may go
But I still love you and I want you to know:
Some days your heart’s like diamonds
some days like stones
Some days you're tired of being alone.
Some hearts are diamonds
some hearts are stone
But it takes only you to know

Illusions of love
they'll come and they'll go
Trust in your heart
surely your love will grow.

Your silent tears they're so full of pride
My beloved, I know that you can't run
You need a love like Mine
to heal and restore

the scars you tried to repair
Some hearts are diamonds
some hearts are stone

I reign on the Throne
you are never alone!

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