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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Get over your past

Some of us did not have a wonderful, full of love, protected or safe childhood. For some of us, your childhood brings forth pain and resentment. Maybe hate, rejection and so often aggression. Unsolved issues.

Maybe your father did not buy you a car when you graduated, or paid for studies you desperately wanted. Maybe you did not even have a father that could play and tease you and teach you about the dangers of the world. Maybe no one loved you and told you what a pretty little thing you were and that you are someone’s long awaited princess…

Maybe you sat alone for hours in a tree, all on your own, watching others at play…

That absolute loneliness in your heart is something that you have always hide from the world, secretly nurturing it - without wanting any part of it, the rejection of the world.

And then sadly, as you grew up, stepping into women hood, you still desperately longs for love and acceptance. This is where the enemy of man, steps in, takes advantage of your brokenness, and lure you into things of the world. Things that caused you to sin, to take wrong turns and made bad decisions that ended in miseries, and consequences you still suffer from to this day.

It is then when we want to protect ourselves from further pain, the rejection and abuse that we put on masks. Protection is another word I like to refer to. Shield… if you prefer. It is then when we become someone else. Someone you don’t even like. For so many years you had to fight to get by, to breathe, and to get through the day, to be strong for your family’s sake.

I want to enlighten you, there is a Man, a Man the world once rejected, a Man that died from brokenness and loneliness… and He did that so that you don’t have to live like that anymore. He died so that you can live a life of abundance ~ not just survive... And because He died, you can rid of all your masks. You can start over. Today. You don’t have to pretend anymore. You don’t have to be strong anymore. He came so that you can be free from your past, your wrongs, your shame and guilt. No matter what kind of wrong turn you made. Abortion…? He died for that too. Murder…? He died for that too. Abuse… my friend, that too. Jesus has/is risen – 'cause that means FREEDOM my friend! Mercy and Grace. (my two best friends!)

Today, as you make a new decision to start all over, remember this: You are not your past. Your past must not define you. (And if you stumble today, start again tomorrow because His mercies are new, every day, all over again).

You are precious in His eyes. He made you. You were His idea… do you think that your mistakes and failures comes as a surprise to God? He is GOD for heaven’s sake! He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb – so He knew before-hand what you would be up to, but yet, He still chose to create you… because He loves you…unconditionally.


  1. Another word that comes to mind when i think about masks / shield is barrier.

    I had / still have a huge barrier around me to keep people from hurting me. I have painted my barrier a pretty pink. It even had some bright flowers for decoration on it. But little did I know how much I am hurting people with this “pretty” barrier. I kept pushing them away, because you see, I can’t trust no one. People will only hurt me and if you hurt me, I will push you away so hard that you will fall against my “pretty pink barrier with the pretty bright flowers” on it and then I will make sure that will never ever enter my personal space ever again. And I will think about what you to me did for years on end.

    But then, one day I met Christ through a very special friend of mine. And I have learnt not to live in the past and if I do, to make a new start again tomorrow because, like you said, His mercies are new, every day, all over again.

    And to think, He doesn’t think about your since ever again if you had confessed? I thank the Lord every day for new beginnings.

    My pray for you is that you will come to know Christ as I have. To experience his love for you, unconditionally and to hear is sweet voice every day!

  2. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.


  3. wow. Gr8 to hear from you.!

  4. You are most welcome!
    Please ask if you need help, assistance or comments.


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