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Friday, 5 November 2010

Face-It !

A new Face
A combined effort
A whole new concept
A brand new beginning
A fabulous womens-ministry

Dauthers of the King and Restoration Ministries are joing hands and with God's endless grace & mercy and loving Helping Hand, a brand spanking new Womens Ministry is on the arising....

Face - It!

God is calling !
A new sound from Heaven.
A Sound
A Song
'Arise My Beloved Bride, Arise'

The time has come for His Bride to ARISE...
To take a stand
To shake the dust from their feet...
To leave the past where it belongs...
To take charge of their 'today'
To not worry over tomorrow
To settle the scores
To face the enemy
To stand in faith
To hold on to Him
To rejoice with singing and dancing
To love Him forever.

Together with His daughters, we will take hands, we will arise, we will learn together, we will study the scriptures, we wil reach out to the poor, heal the sick and the lame, spread the Holy Gospel, declare victories over battles...

We will also talk about girly-stuff. Movies, music, books, make-up, clothes, relationships.... and your ultimate calling.  Your reason for being...

Look out for a whole new blog, face book page etc for Face-It! You will be able to follow us on twitter. We will pretty much be every-where!

We will launch Face-It in March 2011 with a Fiesta and we will commence with the workshop in April 2011.

... not to be missed...

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