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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Falling In-&-Out of Love

I still remember the butterflies in my stomach the day I realized I fell head-over-heels in love with Jesus. Shortly after I gave my heart to Jesus, I learned the importance of waking up in the waking of the dawn, spending hours and hours in prayer, pouring out my heart .... It felt like I just fell deeper and deeper in love with Jesus the more I spend time with Him. I could spent days on end reading the bible and thinking about Jesus, talking to Him…

Then as time went by a couple of years later, I realized one day…”I am not “in-love” anymore.

Why?? Is it like being married? At first you met Mr. Right and you fall madly in love with him. You spend hours and hours, days, in each other’s company, you share grief and laughter. If things are working out you get engaged, your marry him …  Eventually you have children together ... then life happens!  Untill one day you realize …. You are in not “in love” anymore.


The difference between then and now is; You now love your man deeply. Intensely. Vigorously. Immensely. Don't you?

Do I love Jesus Intensely, Vigorously, Immensely?   Do I?

I honestly do!

But why, why is it sometimes such an effort to set time aside with The Man I love the most? Why is it so hard to stay dedicated and focused and true to Him; He who died for me? Why do I find it so easy to still sin?

Why is it so easy to fall “out of love”….

Is that what it is?
Am I the only one? Is it just me?
I don’t want to live a ‘roller-coaster’ life.!

I love being in-love. I loved every minute of being in love with Jesus!! I want to be in love. I need to be in love.

With Jesus, my Saviour

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