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Monday, 5 July 2010

The Morning after

Saturday evening... very tired, though still full of adrenalin and excitement and still FULL of the Holy Spirit... who drenched me with His Fullness. With everything that He was and is and still 2 come.

Sunday morning...
oh what did I miss?
Who did I not thanked?
What did I forget?
What did I not say?

And then I realised I made quite a few mistakes...

I pictured the events of the day and played it off in my mind several times. Reliving it again and again and enjoying every precious moment of it all. What a splendid day I have had in the presence of other women and in the presence of the Most High King.  I can honestly say that God did the most amazing things right in front of our eyes. Touching the hearts and lives of women in His Supernatural and kind way.

He is so good.  So good.

I am so astound that I was part of God's dream.  I know myself.  I live with me! I know my faults and failures... I still have to pinch myself; never never never in a million years, ever, did I think that I will be able to have enough courage to take a step in faith and just dream this!

But God trusted me.. and Leandri, who immediately said YES when I shared this dream... because this was as much a dream of hers than it was for me.
(God arranged for us to meet in a very ... hmmm how shall I put it... in a very public way!) 

We started dreaming, sharing thoughts and ideas and we prayerfully pulled through!!

Leandri, my brand new friend, we did it  !!! We absolutely did it !!!
You have really done well my friend! I am very much looking forward to our next endeavour in Sept/Oct!


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Woord vir Vroue-Fiesta

Vision: Debbie Meyer
As I was praying this is what I saw:
A great multitude of Angels with big jar pots surrounding the conference venue and as the ladies came the angels started pouring oil on them but a lot of ladies took out umbrellas and would not get wet. I continued to pray and felt the Lord say; we need to pray that His girls would be open hearted to receive the anointing He is wanting to pour out over them even as they approach the venue.

I then saw big baskets of fruit in the front of the hall but it was all different fruits and the ladies were allowed to select from them as much or as little as they wanted, many were only taking from the fruit they knew, but then oil started running again and as they started running forward taking from the new fruit unknown fruit.
The Lord so gracious, said to me there are going to be those that will look and taste only that which they know but soon as the anointing starts to flow they will taste and take all in.

Spirit of Prophecy: Leandri
The things that will keep you from forging ahead will be fear based. Pay attention to the what-if-thoughts that come, which have the potential of paralyzing you emotionally and keeping you from doing what is necessary to break through. I call you to a position of boldness that will throw caution to the wind and trust in Me completely. Certainly, I will go before you to make the rough places smooth and the crooked places straight and bring you to new heights, says the Lord.
Isaiah 42:16
 will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in the paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight. These things I will do for them and not forsake them.

Woord: Corni vd Merwe
Restourasie, maar ook reformasie vir vroue. Ek ervaar die laaste tyd, 'n maand of wat, dat God mense na 'n tyd van dissipline en equiping release. Ja, R E L E A S E! Orals waar ek beweeg word ek bewus van Abba wat mense se roeping en purpose of bevestig of reveal en by ander word dit release. Dus, ek is bly dat julle, Restorasie, r e l e a s e word, dat jy release is om hierdie hartsbegeerte aan die klop te kry.

Woord: Elna
For something 2 b birthed, someone must give birth & 2 give birth is painfull, takes a lot of strength and energy and sometimes a log of hours (that feels like forever) but if we push through by the grace of God and wait for the right time for the baby 2 b born, oh that joy for that special gift that God wants us to have is beyond our wildest imagination.

Skrif: Suzette
Louter heerlikheid is die Koning se dogter daarbinne; van gouddraad is haar kleding. In veelkleurige gewade word sy na die Koning gelei; jonkvroue agter haar, haar vriendinne, word na U gebring.
Hulle word gelei met vreugde en gejuig; hulle gaan in die Koning se paleis in. (18/6/'06 & 23/2/'08 & 5/5/'20 & 18/5/'10)

Woord: Suzette
Span sonder hart sal nie wen nie; dis ywer wat die verskil maak. Een van die geheime om ywer te hę, is om te weet dat God jou werklik geroep en die vermoë geskenk het om sekere werk te doen. Jesus se, 'Ons moet aanhou om die werke te doen van Hom wat My gestuur het...' Ywer word nie geleer nie, maar 'verwerf'. Kry ywer in Jesus se teenwoordigheid.

Kingdom Preparation
My people, hear My word: This hour is exceedingly strategic. Every move you make needs to be directed by My Holy Spirit. Every action performed can tell for eternity if you are doing those things that I put on your heart to do. And that which is OMITTED of the things I ask you to do and say grieves Me, because only I know how much more would have been accomplished for My Kingdom if you had been faithful and obedient.

GO when I say and SPEAK the words I give you to speak. I shall bring the increase. Do not any longer thwart My purpose by lack of courage and thoughts of personal limitations. It is MY WORKS and MY WORDS that are powerful and effective, and you have only to get self out of the way and all concern about your own weak vessel and let Me move through you to accomplish My purposes.

You know these things already. I am pleading with you to let it happen, not particularly for the sake of what you personally can experience, but because of the desperate need of this hour for My will to be brought to pass in hearts and lives to which you have access, and thus to whom YOU have a responsibility.

I need you! If you could begin to grasp this fact, you would overcome your hesitancy and forever be freed from all the fears about your personal inadequacies that have plagued you for so long. It is specifically the fact that you do not yet fully realise that any deed I direct you to do and any word I give you to speak has power beyond your comprehension. I Myself vitalize and “dynamize” all My own action. All My own actions and words are Almighty and they are so as they move through you. Sometimes I have kept this reality veiled from My servants because I know the weakness of mortal flesh and the temptation in man to take unto himself the glory, and I know the danger both to man himself and to My cause if he does not truly know that ALL the power in this action is God, rather than himself. But I am pleading with you because of the need of the hour to let this power flow through you as you have never done before, for MY work right now is like the critical moments at the crisis hour of a great battle.
This is a crucial hour in spiritual conflict for the forces of evil and of righteousness in the world. If all this were visible to you as it is to Me, you would NEVER get it My way because of personal thoughts, for the very excitement of your true comprehension would save you from all self-consciousness and self-preservation.

PRAY until you begin to receive some of this spiritual enlightenment and can feel with Me the urgency and the danger and the deadly seriousness of this hour. From that point on, you will flow with Me, move with Me, and work with Me. Many victories can still be won and much force can be exerted to thwart the enemy and hasten the coming of the My Kingdom.
Man shall never achieve the kingdom alone; but lo, I say unto you, neither can I except as I am able to move through My people. There is no other way. This is the only hope. The present generation has a fearful responsibility to the human race, for to this generation has been committed the momentous task of Kingdom Preparation. Hear Me, My chosen ones, and pray for further enlightenment.

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