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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Faded dreams

The dream that is in you heart.... maybe it is the very same dream that you dreamed when you were just a little girl, the one you imagined in front of the mirror, the one you spend hours in the tree, day-dreaming about... what happened to it?

Why are you not fulfilling that very same dream? Maybe it changed over the years, or a new dream found its resting place in your heart.. it doesn't really matter. What matter is why aren't you still chasing your dreams or even better yet, living your dream?

If you can still remember that dream, it's not dead yet, and there is still a very good chance that you have enough gusto within you to blow life in it!

Don't let your circumstances, whether it's your marriage, your children, your car - even the lack of having a car, your day job, your low self-esteem or even your bank balance, hold you back.

Take a chance... take action, take a step in faith, and dream again, breath it.... live it  !!! 

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  1. Amen sister! God does not ask for our ability but our availablility.


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