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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Justice in June

Here is My servant, whom I support
Here is My chosen one, with whom I am pleased.
I have put my Spirit on him.
He will bring justice to the nations
He will not cry out or raise His voice
He will not make His voice heards in the streets
He will not break off a damage cattail
He will not even put out a smoking wick.
He will faithfully bring about justice.
He will not be discouraged or crushed until He has set up justice on the earth.
The coastlands will wait for His teachings.
Isaiah 42:1-4

The Lord God created the heavens and stretched them out.
He shaped the earth and all that comes from it.
He gave life to the people who are on it
and breath to those who walk on it.

This is what the Lord God says:
I, the Lord, have called you to do what is right.
I will take hold of your hand.
I will protect you.
I will appoint you as My promise to the peole
and My light to the nations.
You will give sight to the blind
bring prisoners out of prisons,
and bring those who live in darkness out of dungeons.

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