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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Forgiveness in February

             ~ Pardon ~ Mercy ~ Exonerate...

The most powerful and much needed word in my life!
The most treasured word.
A word that changed my life.

A word so powerful, it changed my destiny...

I need it just like I need oxygen
like a baby needs a mother
like a hairdryer needs electricity
like water needs a river
like a eagle needs to soar

Forgiveness was crucified and died on a cross..
...sothat I may live...
I will never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross...

Forgiveness...gave me a second chance
gave me hope
gave me a new life
gave me a vision
gave me sight
gave me a dream
gave me a home

gave me a Friend
gave me a King
gave me a Father

& made me daughter...

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