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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A sacred covenant

I never really understood nor have I grasped the real meaning and depth of a marriage until I fell in love with Jesus.  Marriage was something I thought the world created. I only discovered very late in life that God is the inventor of marriages and only through His eyes have I began 2 understood the sacredness of the covenant that a man and a woman undertakes before God. The covenant that both of (all) your parents made was never to be broken.

Things happens in life, bad choices are made because of the sins of the world and those we make and as a result we suffer the consequences and create more chaos and brokenness because of that.

I realised only then that no one no man are able to make me happy. (They are able to drive you crazy and make life extremely difficult though) Fulfilment only comes from Jesus. A spouse can only add to ur life...but they are not supposed to, nor is it their job to make you happy. Happiness...just like peace comes from within you. It forms an integral part of contentment. Its something that you can only decide for yourself. You need to decide that what u have is enough, or good enough. And not want what the neighbours have. When u build on your relationship with Jesus, from that comes joy, comes peace, and will yourself esteem grows as its there in that inner most private space, the time u spend with Jesus that u find and get to know you...the real you. Once u discover that God loves u just as u r, you know He will guide u to become more and more like Him..

It is my sincere prayer that u will never choose to break your covenant with God.
May God give you the strength to stand your ground, to never loose HOPE.
I bless you with a courageous heart.
In Jesus Name I pray

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