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Friday, 23 January 2015

Evergreen Love

When your faith walk doesn't look like it use to before
and I cant seem to sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of  My love
when the guilt and the shame overwhelm you while you're asleep
will your eyes still smile from your cheeks
My darling child I will be loving you till the end of days
even though you have forsaken Me
maybe just by a touch of My hand
You will remember how we use to dance
My darling I have fallen in love with you every single day
I just want to tell you I AM
I am waiting for you to take Me into your loving arms
love Me under the lights of a 1000 stars
place your hands on My beating heart
thinking out loud...maybe you will find your way back to Me
right where you are
When your hair is all gone and you memory had fade
and no one even remembers your name
when your eyes cant seem to focus the same way
You need to know I will love you all the same
My love for you is ever-green
I could never stop loving you
no matter the wrongs or the shame
In My eyes you'll find no blame
My darling I still love you the same


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