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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Riding on a white horse

One of the things I continually asked God since my mom died was to give me a glimpse of her in heaven.  I desperately needed to see her happy – she was so miserable, depressed and full of aches and pains the last two years and I haven’t seen her happy for a long-long time. 
I knew that if I could see how happy she is I would have peace. During these last few weeks God has spoken to me in a dream about this but I wanted more. Needed more. 
Just before I fell asleep last night, I asked God to make me dream about Him. I missed Him terribly and besides that, I love to dream about God of us just spending time together.
It was still in the wake of the morning when God woke me up; I was so aware of His presence and of what He had shown me. I knew I was sleeping but I also know it was not a dream….God took me to a place where my mother was….and I saw her ! 
I clearly saw her face, a much younger version of her, and she was riding on a white horse beside Jesus.  
She was not laughing and smiling and playing around as I have envisioned so many times. But I saw even something greater; it was almost as if they were in a ‘war atmosphere’ – together with Jesus they patrolled the heaven realm, on guard, and ready to protect. Even though she was not laughing and playing, she was ‘on top of the world’.  She was with Jesus and I am eternally great-full to God that He is our Saviour.
As I meditate on this vision this song I know and love so much keeps flowing through my spirit:

I saw heaven standing open
And there before me was a white horse
His eyes were like blazing fire
And on His head were many crowns
He’s dressed in a robe dipped in blood
His name is the Word of God
The rider on the white horse
Named faithful and true
The rider on the white horse
Salvation for me and you
Armies of heaven were following
Dressed fine line, white and clean
Out of His mouth came a sharp sword
With which to strike down the nations
He treads the wine press of fury
Of the wrath of God Almighty
On his robe and on His thigh
He had this name written



  1. Thank you to the lord for our the bible with inherit so much wisdom and prophetics word to joy and understanding with faith too and now is the last time and alot God´s word in promsises will be upfild in enjoy,thnanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

    1. Dear Keijo THANK u 4 taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciated that. Suzette


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