Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I am so ashamed for what I have done
How could I?
Ashamed, coz I know what I was doing.
Ashamed, coz I wanted to
Guilt-ridden, because I did!
In all this time, I knew You were watching me… hoping I would not go through with it

I knew all of this, coz' I heard Your voice

But I did.
I tried to hide.
But I knew You were still there
Your gaze fixed upon me.
I knew, but I still touched the fire!
I felt the warmth of it
Aware of the destruction it will bring
And wanted it even more

Don’t play with fire
But I did.

How can I even call upon Your Name?
How dare I?
How can I hope to be forgiven for what I have done?
For making Your grace cheap?
How dare I?

Then I hear this song...
Dare I hope?
Is it You that opened my ear?
To no longer live in fear?

Lord I need You, oh God  how I need You
Lord I confess, my one defence,
Without You I fall apart, You’re the one that guides my heart
Lord I need You, only You know how I need You!

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