Monday, 23 April 2012

Unprayed prayers

Ever since my husband committed his life to Jesus so many years ago, there has always been a - very well hidden - deep rooted fear that he will fall back on his old paths. Women, booze, parties...
A fear I kept secret from even those closest to me. Afraid it would be perceived as unbelief...  ‘ I am after all a women of faith, with courage and strength ‘
I needed my husband to have something that would hold him to his faith (as if Jesus isn’t enough) I needed him to have something that would make him stay on the small path. Silly Me.
So I did what most concerning (badgering) wife would do… I have made several suggestions that he should start a supporting group for men. Eventually I gave up nagging him and start trusting my Father.
Today, about 5 years later, I am very happy (and relieved – hahaha) that my husband did obey God’s voice to initiate a supporting group – it’s been almost 2 years since they’ve started ~ and during our church service yesterday this group of courageous men has been introduced to the congregation as an official cell group of our church!. I could not have been more proud, more happy, more satisfied ...
This is a group of men that I would like to salute. They are not too proud to acknowledge defeat and that they need each other’s arms to hold them steady during difficult times. This is a group of men that really wants to serve God, yes they make wrong and hurtful decisions, but they are committed to complete the race…'
What a mighty God we serve! All the glory and all the honour to my God!

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