Tuesday, 8 June 2010

When God ordains He sustains...

To dream about something is one thing ... to give birth to that very same dream is yet another story... Surely you can relate!

I have had this vision for quite some time in my heart but always backed down from the all the admin, arrangemens, tying things together etc. -  but mostly from the financial responsibilities.  Knowing that I would be the one to provide whereever there would be a lack...

And that kind of scared me... caused me to not 'climb out of the boat and walk on the water'. Sometimes I really have enough faith that can move not only my mountain, but yours as well. And then there are times that I wonder .....w h a a a t t t t

When 2 friends of mine told me, literally a few days apart, that they feel the tugging in their hearts, the longing and hoping for an opportunity to be part of something like this...I knew... its time.

So, I decided to jump out of the boat, and walk on the water.! 

And boy oh boy oh boy, God has provided in ways I could not have imagined....

This has taken my faith to yet another level where I totally, 100% trust and rely on God for every single thing.  I initiated this Fiesta without having any money to support this dream.

Trusting God.... Phewieeeee! With a lot of people relying on me... trusting me.

Whether it is a speaker or a singer... the good Lord just opened doors for me!

I know and trust with my whole heart, that we will have more than enough money to pay and buy everything we need. Just because I am a blessed daughter and because I have faith and because I have a Father who is the King and because I love Jesus and because He loves me and because He is a good God and because I do this for Him and because the harvest is huge .... and just because.

Oh Heavenly Father; Thank You, thank You, thank You! for just being You.  For Your Goodness and Mercy which will follow me all the days of my life.!

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