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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Awaken my spirit

Father as you have woken up the spirit of Serubbabel and the spirit of Josua, and the spirit of the remaining people, please awake the spirit within me... (Haggai 1:14)
For I am standing in the threshold of something new, anoint me again, pour out Your Spirit afresh on me, that I may be a blessing to Your children...  a vessel You can trust and rely on in this critical hour. For the hour has come that the world may see and experience Your Glory.  This is Your day Abba Father! I stand in awe of Your Holy presence.  May Your Magnificent Glory fall down on us.. & may we be changed for Your Glory and be filled with Your love so that we can reach out and touch the world in Love. 

Create in me, a clean heart...that I may be holy in Your eyes, wash me whiter than snow...& open my lips that I can speak of Your goodness & mercy all the days of my life...

(a song&dance for 3July2010)

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