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Friday, 9 September 2011

Shall we dance, my Lord?

Do You hear the music in the distance? Lord it is so all-around us, so real, so part of me and You that I cannot help but to fulfill the desire in my heart to just dance with You, again and again!

O my Lord, do You remember our first dance? The memories of that day is forever imprinted in my soul – a beautiful everlasting moment we had… You and I. You pulled me up from where I laid on the floor, buried in my grief. You knew that my crushed spirit needed You so desperately right then. I could hardly breathe... Jesus I will never ever forget the love and tenderness I have experienced in Your arms that day.

I was so overwhelmed by the immensity of Your love for me. I knew then that You would move mountains to protect me!

Together we waltz, following the rhythm of our hearts, the beating of Your healing mercy. I broke down at every turn we took, but You kept on dancing, kept on turning, knowing how much I needed to rid of the hurt that drenched my soul. You held me steady. You held me together. Lord, You never deserted me that day! You kept me close. Safe. I breathed Your Healing...

Looking back on the past 7 years… we have danced a bit, haven’t we Jesus?
I love dancing with You.  I was born to dance with You my Lord. To be in Your immediate presence soothes my soul.

Whenever I needed comfort or protection, we danced! When I wanted You to love me; we danced! When I just wanted to love You, we danced! Oh Lord, we have had so much fun together.

Do You remember the day when You surprised me - in the middle of the traffic – You took me to the dance floor and we showed off our gum-boot moves! Oh Lord, we've laughed so much that day! You have this mind-blowing ability to just make my day!.

Thank you, Abba Father for being so nice to me. More than nice.

Lord, I love it when You romance me. Please Lord don’t ever stop doing it. You fill my heart with such joy and laughter I cannot get enough of it.

I want it. I need it so much. It makes me fall in love with You more and more and more. Is it possible? To fall deeper and deeper in-love with Someone that already holds your heart captive? I think so … because each time I look into Your eyes… I love You more and more. And more. And more.

Signed, Your dance partner...

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