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Lifestyle Eating

I am convinced in my heart that we are allowed to eat everything, but not everything is necessarily good for you.
Diets keep you in bondage. We are already under so much guilt that we should not allow anything and anyone to put us in a position that puts more pressure on us. Except the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came and gave us freedom... John 8:36
To be free does not mean spending half your time on planning menus.
To be free does not mean you should feel guilty every time you eat a chocolate.
Certainly not.

To be free ... means to truly be free.

To be free, is;
To make informed and wise food choices
(Hosea 8:6 - My people perish due to a lack of knowledge)

 To control overeating
(Prov 23:21 - because a drinker and a glutton will become poor)
(Prov 23:2 ... and put a knife to your throat if you have a good appetite)

For many years some of us have been eating very unhealthy. And as a result of making bad food choices it affected our bodies negatively - which results in early aging.
Ons het soms uit verveeldheid begin eet, dit het hand uit begin ruk deur te eet as ons emosionele storms beleef het, en so het die bose kringloop verder uitgebrei tot by vraatsig.

Overeating is most of the time a mental problem and therefore needs a spiritual solution.

Every overweight person has some or other time, tried to fight this, so often, spiritual battle with carnal weapons instead of spiritual weapons.

Dieёt is a carnal weapon. Dieёt starves your body, and does not affect the spirit of overeating that is causing havock in you life. That's why you can go on a diet and lose weight.

Some highly successful diets allows you to eat quite a lot. You can eat certain foods as much as you want, such as carrots and celery. Instead of chocolates and biscuits you knibble on healthy foods all day long. You choose low calorie instead of foods with a higher calory counting. Naturally, the person will lose weight. But the desire to over eat is still there.

We tolerate overeating too often. Overeating is a sin.
Why's it not a drunkard - .. 'considering it does not matter, it's not so bad not, but still take a sip ... not?

Alcohol has just as much a devastating effect as ti those who battles with overeating; on the person, and the rest of the family ... Husbands divorce their wives due to their overweight. The children suffer just as much. They are very embarrassed by the way their parents look and behave.

Matheus 5:48
"Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect ..."

Strive for holiness.

For your body to be damaged - and in many cases destroyed, with excessive fat and constant weight changes is not the dream that God has for you...

God hates sin because it is in contrast to the way God has created us. Sin destroys us.

You should realy investigate, meditate, on why you keep on overeating... is it because you are bored or is there a deeper reason as I have mentioned here?

Detox Riglyne:

*  drink 2-3 liter water per dag
*  geen koffie en koeldrank nie, slegs kafeiienvrye tee adn 100% vrugtesappe
*  geen suiwelprodukte maar wel soja- en rysmelk
*  geen witbrood, pasta, rys en artappels nie, maar wel volgraanbrood & -
    pasta, bruinrys & patat
*  geen verfynde koolhidrate bv. suiker
*  geen alkohol
*  eet rou vrugte en groente soveel moontlik
*  oeften ten minste 30 min vir 6 dae
*  moenie koolhidrate & proteiiene saam eet nie

 Leer ken jou GI's

Lae GI:

Volgraan- & original ProNutro, mieliepap (afgekoel), ProVita, saadbrood, volgraan- rogbrood en ander lae-GI-brode, pasta (durum-koring), wilderys, bruinrys, appelkose, vars kersies, perskes, pruime, pere, appels, aarbeie, alle sitrusvrugte, duiwe (hou porsie dop), geblikte perskes, appelkose en pere (in vrugtesap), alle bone.

Intermediete GI:

RyVita, rogbrood, (verfyn), tropiese vrugte (pynappel, mango, piesang, lietsjie, koejawel), tafelsuiker (sukrose), suikermielies (geblik), koeskoes, geblikte perskes in stroop, vars uitgedrukte lemoensap, beet, wortels.

Hoe GI:

Kommersiele heuning, wit-,bruin- en volkoringbrood (met geen of min korrels of sade) artappels: gebak, mikrogolfoond, gebraai, kapokartappels, ryskoekies, waatlemoen, gegeurde kits-hawermout, groenbone met artappels, energiedrankies.

(Bron: The S.A GI & Load Guide)

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