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Emotional Health

Why is it so difficult for us to take care of our emotional well-being? We spend so much time and effort on our health and physique but often lack taking care of the much more important issues.
Your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health. Mental and emotional stress, often leads to physical sicknessess.
Soo many things turn our world up-side down. Things we did in our past, or things we went through. We got hurt by people in our lives, disappointment, criticism, or perhaps rejection. Sometimes we cherish those pains, hold on to it because it is so comfortable, so familiar..
But we need to let go, part from it because it will destroy us eventually. It will steal your joy and freedom. If it is forgiveness, then forgive. Speak it. Release it. Don't just shove it aside ..."it's water under the bridge", deal with it.
Holding on to your hurt has become a way to cope with life. It's almost as if you pretend it didn't happen. The hurt doesn't exist. It doesn't affect you and you block it out of your system.
Often in order for us to escape our hurts and disappoinments we keep ourselves busy with things to block it out of our system, to not think about the pain inside us.
The irony of repressed pain, it always surfaces to the surface. By over-eating, work-aholic, accessive shopping or become involved in pornography ...
Rejection, criticism, pain, molestation etc. causes a low self-esteem, you feel insecure about yourself ad you will start doubting your own capabilities.
We build walls around us. We start to wear masks.
Between all of this, many women today have family obligations and a job, trying to make a living. Often you don't have time for yourself because you always have to give of yourself. As a result of all the obligations we have, often want to have, we can not always deal with the pressure. We cannot cope.
We've perfected our image, because our image is all we have. Something that is yours, yours alone.  Something you have control over. As long as no one see the insecure, low self-esteem-real-me... For we fear rejection, again. And because we cannot cope with all of this, we break down next to the washing machine, crying over all the piles of washing that needs to be done... and it's not about the wasing that we cry... life just gets us down. We feel it's just too hard. It's just too hard.

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