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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sin runs thru my veins

The lyrics from this song reminded me of myself, how easily my rebellious heart can go astray.
I often need to stand before God and ask Him to pull me up from the waters so I can breathe again.
Life can be so hard and cruel ~ may God's Holy Water always cover me.

Take me down to the river
Wash the dirt from my hands
I've been traveling so long
In this foreign land.

Please Father forgive me
For I’ve lost my way
Sin runs through my body
There is poison in my veins.

Take me down the river
I’m a broken man
Push me down the bottom
Wash me from within
Pull me up from the waters
So I can breathe again
Take me down to the river, Lord
Where it all began.

Should’ve known from the start, Lord
Couldn’t do it alone
I try; I try so hard, yeah
To make this place my home
So, come Redemption
Please set me free
Oh, Holly Water now
Come cover me.

The River ~ from Decyfer

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